The Socially Awkward Nerd in the Corner

I am John Taylor, better known as Johnny T:  a husband, father of two, cancer survivor, mental health awareness advocate, tech enthusiast, and IT guy.

I was diagnosed with testicular cancer in September of 2012, and since then I have served as an advocate and patient mentor for other patients. I have also battled mental illness for a good portion of my life. I lead several online groups dedicated to fathers who battle with mental illness, and I serve as an outspoken advocate of men's mental health awareness.

I have been a tech enthusiast my entire life. From mobile technology, to technology futures, I am fascinated by the world of ones and zeros. I graduated with my Associate's Degree in Information Systems in 2017 and plan to return to school to gain more knowledge and certifications in security, networking, and data management.

Johnny T and the Family

You can find me in the mountains of southwest Virginia with my wife and two children. My wife and I have been married for 11 years. That’s 11 years of growth, resilience, and love. Tagging along for the ride are our two children. The oldest, Little Dude, is an avid soccer and baseball player and lover of history and science. Our youngest, Little Girl, is a dancing diva, a competitive dancer both solo and group.

My Mad Skillz

Okay, so the skills aren’t quite MAD, but these are a few of the things I know my way around.


Since 2008 I have been around the web providing content for brands like UPS, Huggies, and Marvel. I have a wealth of knowledge when it comes to planning social media strategy and engaging the core audience through content, both written and visual


Most of the jobs I have been in have involved customer service. Whether providing assistance, a service, or a good, customer service is always one of the bottom lines to driving profit. SLA Ownership falls under the same general umbrella as customer service is expected to be delivered under the terms of agreement.


I have managed 4 different restaurants in my time, and have led numerous group projects in school and online. Being a good leader, listener, and problem solver allows me to not only be effective as a leader, but as a teammate as well.


A hobby that in turn has given me much to my new career. Analyzing data about different services of a business help me gain insight into the larger plan. Trend tracking allows for seeing and predicting issues or problem points before they have a a major impact.

Education and Achievement

I graduated from Lexington High School in South Carolina back in 2001. After that it would be 14 years before I found myself in a classroom again. In the spring of 2015 I enrolled at the local Southwest Virginia Community College. Two years later I graduated with my Associate of Applied Science in Information Systems Technology with a focus in Business Systems.


I graduated in my nest fashion, Magna Cum Laude with a GPA of 3.8.


I spent 5 semesters in college and found myself gracing the Dean’s List in 4 of those semesters.


Initiated in the spring of 2016, Epsilon Pi Tau is an honorary greek society for excellence in STEM fields. I went on to serve as chapter vice president for 2 semesters.


Honor’s Society for 2-year program schools, I was initiated in the fall of 2016, capping off a wonderful academic career.

Working for the Weekend

Between 2001 and 2012 I spent most of my working years in and out of different restaurants. From cooking, to waiting tables, to managing, I learned a lot of skills that now translate into my current career and future goals. Here’s a rundown of my most recent time cards.

Northrop Grumman | Technology Services Sector

July 2017 – Current

My first IT job lands me at Northrop Grumman where I serve as a Tier 1 support analyst supporting state agencies around the Commonwealth of Virginia.

Southwest Virginia Community College | IT Intern

Spring 2017

I spent my intern hours with the IT department at the college I was attending. We worked mainly with re-imaging staff and student use computers, fielding service calls around campus, and making images to deploy enterprise wide.

A Few Things I Do on the Side

Everyone needs to “know a guy” in this world. In this case, you can know me if you prefer. Aside from my day job as an IT analyst, I do provide some skills as a freelance worker. I will never claim to be an expert, but I will gurantee I will do what I can, to match what you need. Check out below what knowing this dude could do for you.

WordPress Design

WordPress is the most popular content management platform on the web today. From self designed themes and templates, to helping you choose a free theme to adapt, I can help you build the site, blog, store, or resource site you’ve always dreamed of.

Hit Me Up

Voice Work

If you saw the picture up top then you know I have a face for radio. Which is good, because I have a voice for it too. Need some promos or intros recorded? Maybe a short radio or internet commercial spot? Hit me up! I may know a dude that can help you out?

Hear Me Out

Local Photograhpy

Living in the Appalachain mountains is a blessing when you like photography. I travel the local southwest Virginia area and love to photograph the sites. Need some photos for your social media presence? Hit me up. Reasonable pricing, tremendous passion.

Ask About My Frames

Content Creation

I am a man of my word. Or 1000 words. With a passion for writing comes an ability to create content for the web, print publication, and other forms of media. Need the right words? I know the the write guy. (And yes, that was an intended pun)

Look What I Can Do

Like what you see? Holla at your nerd.

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