Hello, I am

Johnny T

The socially awkward nerd in the corner. Husband, dad, cancer survivor, and IT Dude.

Johnny T and the family

Born and raised in Lexington, SC I spent 22 years of life driving my parents crazy, annoying my sister, and causing mayhem. In 2015 I left my home town for a place I had never seen on a map, and found myself buried in the mountains of southwest Virginia. Why? Because I met this beautiful woman who was worth uprooting for. Fast forward and here we are with the house, the cars, the bills, and the jobs. Oh and the kids. Almost forgot them. Little Dude (10) and Little Girl (8).

In 2012 I would find myself battling late stage cancer, enduring months of chemo, hospital stays, and the hell that comes with it. I would emerge victorious in February of 2013. Following my streak of winning at life, I enrolled in college in 2015, and graduated in 2017. Following graduation I landed my first IT related job, winning Rookie of the Year in 2017.

I Have the Smarts

Southwest Virginia Community College

A.A.S. – Information Systems Technology
Magna Cum Laude
Epislon Pi Tau | Phi Theta Kappa

Lexington High School

High School Diploma
Trivial Pursuit Club

CHeck out my mad skills

Customer Service

Customer Intimacy, Problem Solving, Issue Escalation, Quality

Web Design


People Management

Team Building, Task Delegation, Staffing Management, Skill Building


Analysis, Tracking, Prediction


Communications, Security, Deployment


CLI Management, Server Operations, Security, Active Directory

Employment History

Northrop Grumman

July 2017 – Present
Technical Support Analyst
Rookie of the Year 2017

Southwest Virginia Community College

Spring Semester 2017
IT Internship

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