Month: August 2017


Top Five Best Text Editors for Coding

Today I am counting down my top five favorite text editors to use with coding. From the most basic, to the highly functional, these are the tip of the top.

Punk Rock

The Top Six Punk Rock Songs Still Relevant Today

  Where would the world be without the rise, silence, and re-rise, and re-silence of punk rock? I don’t know but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be nearly as effin cool as it is now. PunkĀ  has had a deep place in my heart since my more tumultuous high school years, and beyond. When my…
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I am Not Your Hero

I wrote the first version of this post a long time ago. Prompted by my then neighbor remarking something along the line of “You’re a ***damn hero to me. You’ve beat something that should have killed you.” It was something along those lines. Anyway, he meant it. I know this because this is a guy…
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I am Okay but the Memory Remains

We all went through different experiences on our paths to being survivors. But we are all linked through one common thought. The memory remains.