Apples to Androids Series Introduction

Apples to Androids Series Introduction

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Apples to Androids is a series on the site that goes through and breaks down what you need to know if you plan on switching from iOS to Android. Looking at it from an analytical standpoint to help you decide if the switch is right for you.

The time has come again at last. Your contract is up, or it’s time to upgrade your smart phone and a debate as old as, well 2008, pops up in your mind. Do I choose Apple and iOS, or do I go with Google and Android? Which one is the best? What company reigns supreme? Who would win in a best of five rock, paper, scissors match?

IDC: Smartphone OS Market Share Chart

If you look at the numbers, Android has an overwhelming command of the market share from 2014-2016. But does this really tell us anything? No, not really. Apple has always maintained proprietary ownership over its software and hardware. Only Apple makes iOS and only Apple makes the iPhone and other related device. Android is a different beast. Android is an open-source mobile operating system, meaning that anyone can compile the source code and build it for a device. Well, not just any device, but that’s technical talk for another time. Because of this open source nature, Android has many different manufacturers like Samsung, LG, Huawei, Sony, HTC, and more.

This gives Android a bit of an advantage in the numbers game when it comes to market share and units sold. But this doesn’t give us a clear picture of which one is truly better than the other. When you break down other aspects of comparison, let’s use security for an example, Apple has a decidedly better platform. If you look at user interface and the ability to customize it, Android holds that award without question.

Both sides of the Apple versus Android debate have their fan boys and girls behind it. They will applaud anything that goes on with their respective operating systems and be quick to put down the other. Hey, we’ve all done it at some point, myself included. But what about those who are on the fence? What if you have used Android for a long time and are thinking about switching to iOS? What if it’s the other way around?

Apples to Androids

Apples to Androids is a new series that is coming along here on my site. It will help answer some questions about the switch from iOS to Android. I don’t know much about Apple products because I’ve never used one outside of an iPod Nano. But I know a lot about Android and I get asked a lot about my opinions, experience, and advice for newcomers. In the Apples to Android series, I will take an analytical approach to the challenges, benefits, and detriments of making the switch from iOS to Android.

One of the biggest mistakes people make when the are shopping for a new mobile device is that people often just look at size and appearance before choosing a device. While that certainly will play a small role in making the decision, it definitely shouldn’t be the biggest role. The first question that needs to be answered when you are phone shopping is this: “Does this phone provide the functionality that I need?” A mobile phone, and even computers and tablets, are only as good as the satisfaction they bring to the end-user. And the end-user is you.

Apples to Androids will break down the switch into different parts that make up the functionality of a mobile device. Security and Privacy, Application Compatibility, Data Storage and Backup, and finally Performance and Specifications. I will get into the definition of these different parts as the series moves on. But that should give you a little bit of a glimpse into what this series will cover.

My personal experience with Android has been amazing. As a fan of open-source software in general, that was my initial draw to Android. That, and the fact that it is based on Linux. It didn’t take long before I started into rooting my Android devices and running custom firmware. I spent a couple of years as a device maintainer for different custom ROM developers. I also spent about a year doing theme work for another. I loved it. And I still do.

During my years as an Android enthusiast, I have watched the frustration of those making the switch from iOS. The confusion of learning a new system, the painstaking task of transferring contacts and other information from one device to another. And of course, the frustration at the fact that there are some apps for iOS that simply don’t exist for Android. There are many apps and features that have Android alternatives however, and when it comes to switching, the time just has to be taken to do a little research.

So there it is. An introduction to the upcoming series Apples to Androids. I know this little intro doesn’t provide a lot but I do hope you’ll stick around to see what is to come. I don’t believe we need another “Five Reasons to Switch to Android Right Now!” kind of post in this list driven internet world. What I do think is we need a good comparison, a good analysis, and a good look at whether the switch from iOS to Android is right for you.

**For those of you who have made the switch from Apple to Android, what do you wish you had known going into it? How did you find the experience? Let me know in the comments!**

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