Author: Johnny T

Mental Health and Celebrity Culture

Mental health and celebrity culture are a confusing intertwined pair of subjects whose impacts aren’t as clear cut as people may think they are.

Raspberry Pi

Seven Outstanding Pi Projects

I love pi. Raspberry, Banana, Orange. I’m talking about the little credit card sized computers. What pi projects can you make with them? See for yourself!

Surviving Cancer: Six Things They Don’t Tell You

There is a lot about surviving cancer that will take a person by surprise. Today I list six things that they won’t tell you about surviving cancer.

Drive In Theater

A Eulogy for the Drive In Theater

The drive in theater has been irrelevant for decades now, and will only continue to be so. And really, I’m not sad about that at all.

Internet of Things

Internet of Things and Connected Lives: An Insecure Relationship

The internet of things has become the go to technology trend in recent years. However, security is not close enough behind yet. What does a connected future hold for us?

App Store

Apples to Androids Part Two: Application Compatibility

Bash Commands

Bash Commands All Linux Users Should Know

For all Linux users, knowing the basic bash commands can be a live saver. Today, I take a look at the most common bash commands for the Linux user.

Home Improvement

Johnny T’s Guide to Resourceful Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are a staple of spring and early summer. The last few weeks I could be found out in my yard. Turning over flower beds and replanting them, framing up the new driveway with gravel, and painting the porch columns. I’ve never been really good at home improvement or gardening projects in the…
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Living Under the Shadow of Cancer

Cancer. The bastard disease of humankind that kills without hesitation, without prejudice. It is one of the most dreaded words in the medical world, especially if you are a patient. Cancer will turn a world upside down, backwards, and inside out. And more than likely, cancer will be what kills me in the end. That’s…
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Wireless Router

Cybersecurity: Securing and Protecting Your Home Network

Active cybersecurity extends way beyond the companies we deal with, and right into our own homes. Take a moment right now and count: How many devices are connected to your home network? Include anything from phones, tablets, and computers, to smart hubs, thermostats, and appliances. How many other people have your network credentials when they…
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