Halfway Dead or What I Know About Survival

Today I am halfway dead as I turn 35. In those years I have come to learn quite a bit about survival. To celebrate the back nine of life beginning, today I share a few things I know about survival.

Home Server Raspberry Pi

Linux Home Server Part 2: Initial Setup

  This is post number two in my series about building a Linux Home Server. You can check out the first post right here about the planning of the server. Last week I started the journey of setting up my own Linux home server. I sat down and planned everything out in my first post,…
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Home Server

Linux Home Server Part 1: Planning the Setup

The first post in a series that will document my new home server build from conception through full production status. Today’s post focuses on planning.

Do You Remember: Setting the World on Fire

Do you remember that fire? That feeling that you could set the world on fire and nothing could stop you? Do you remember that?

I’m Awkward and I’m Nervous: Being an Extrovert with Social Anxiety

I know how it seems when I always sing to myself in public. I babble on like a mad man. I know how it seems when I’m always staring off into nothing. I’m lost in my head again. I’m sorry I don’t laugh at the right times. – “There, There” by The Wonder Years I…
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Five Tips After Five Years: The First Week of Chemotherapy

Looking back five years since I started BEP chemo for advanced stage testicular cancer, I am sharing five tips for surviving the first week of treatment.

Five Years

Five Years: Looking Back on the Day that Changed My Life Forever

Five years ago, I had what was not even arguably the most difficult day of my life to date. September 11 of all days. We should have known just by that. For months prior to that day, I had been experiencing symptoms of something. Some swelling and discomfort. But not having insurance I just tried…
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JMH Cancer Center

An Open Thank You Note to Those Who Saved My Life

To those who saved my life: How does thank you even begin to sound adequate at this point? Five years later I am on the verge of closing out one of the biggest chapters of my life. The chapter that started with Dr. Early in the Johnston Memorial Hospital emergency room saying these words to…
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Top Five Best Text Editors for Coding

Today I am counting down my top five favorite text editors to use with coding. From the most basic, to the highly functional, these are the tip of the top.

Punk Rock

The Top Six Punk Rock Songs Still Relevant Today

  Where would the world be without the rise, silence, and re-rise, and re-silence of punk rock? I don’t know but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be nearly as effin cool as it is now. PunkĀ  has had a deep place in my heart since my more tumultuous high school years, and beyond. When my…
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