Living Under the Shadow of Cancer

Cancer. The bastard disease of humankind that kills without hesitation, without prejudice. It is one of the most dreaded words in the medical world, especially if you are a patient. Cancer will turn a world upside down, backwards, and inside out. And more than likely, cancer will be what kills me in the end. That’s…
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Wireless Router

Cybersecurity: Securing and Protecting Your Home Network

Active cybersecurity extends way beyond the companies we deal with, and right into our own homes. Take a moment right now and count: How many devices are connected to your home network? Include anything from phones, tablets, and computers, to smart hubs, thermostats, and appliances. How many other people have your network credentials when they…
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Privacy and Security

Apples to Androids Part One: Security and Privacy

Today will look at security and privacy between Apple iOS and Google Android including encryption, data privacy, and vulnerabilities.


Five Tips for Being a Dance Dad of a Competitive Dancer

The smell of hairspray fills the hotel room as I sit here planning what to do between dances. Little Dude is already griping about having to go, and it’s going to be a long day. Solos at 7:30am but the group dances aren’t until 3pm. That’s a long time to hear “Tutus and Tennis Shoes”…
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Home Plate

In it for the Long Ball: Little League Baseball 2017

Little League baseball season is a special time of year. The smell of freshly cut grass, brick dust, and line chalk bring a nice aroma to the nose. The sounds of the PA system crackling to life for the first playing of the National Anthem and the greatest words “PLAY BALL!”. The clink of bats…
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Apples to Androids

Apples to Androids Series Introduction

Apples to Androids is a new series that will help answer some questions about the switch from iOS to Android and approach the topic in an analytical way.

Social Engineering

Cybersecurity: Social Engineering and Why You Should Care

Social engineering remains one of the most effective tools in a hacker’s arsenal. Learn what it is and how to protect yourself.

Let’s Talk About the Essential Phone

The Essential Phone is a nice looking device, it is capable, and it is durable. But it’s nothing special. So stop the hype train, I want off.


Sudo Seriously Fun Linux Command Terminal Packages

There is a lot of time to waste and fun to be had in a Linux command terminal Here is my top 10 favorite little goodies to play with on my Linux machine.

Cancer Cells

Cancer, College, and Continuation

It was in the fall of 2012 that my life would get turned inside out and upside down by cancer. Five years later, I am a college graduate.