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Five Tips After Five Years: The First Week of Chemotherapy

Looking back five years since I started BEP chemo for advanced stage testicular cancer, I am sharing five tips for surviving the first week of treatment.

Five Years

Five Years: Looking Back on the Day that Changed My Life Forever

Five years ago, I had what was not even arguably the most difficult day of my life to date. September 11 of all days. We should have known just by that. For months prior to that day, I had been experiencing symptoms of something. Some swelling and discomfort. But not having insurance I just tried…
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JMH Cancer Center

An Open Thank You Note to Those Who Saved My Life

To those who saved my life: How does thank you even begin to sound adequate at this point? Five years later I am on the verge of closing out one of the biggest chapters of my life. The chapter that started with Dr. Early in the Johnston Memorial Hospital emergency room saying these words to…
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I am Okay but the Memory Remains

We all went through different experiences on our paths to being survivors. But we are all linked through one common thought. The memory remains.

Surviving Cancer: Six Things They Don’t Tell You

There is a lot about surviving cancer that will take a person by surprise. Today I list six things that they won’t tell you about surviving cancer.

Living Under the Shadow of Cancer

Cancer. The bastard disease of humankind that kills without hesitation, without prejudice. It is one of the most dreaded words in the medical world, especially if you are a patient. Cancer will turn a world upside down, backwards, and inside out. And more than likely, cancer will be what kills me in the end. That’s…
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