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Halfway Dead or What I Know About Survival

Today I am halfway dead as I turn 35. In those years I have come to learn quite a bit about survival. To celebrate the back nine of life beginning, today I share a few things I know about survival.

Do You Remember: Setting the World on Fire

Do you remember that fire? That feeling that you could set the world on fire and nothing could stop you? Do you remember that?

Punk Rock

The Top Six Punk Rock Songs Still Relevant Today

  Where would the world be without the rise, silence, and re-rise, and re-silence of punk rock? I don’t know but I can guarantee it wouldn’t be nearly as effin cool as it is now. PunkĀ  has had a deep place in my heart since my more tumultuous high school years, and beyond. When my…
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I am Not Your Hero

I wrote the first version of this post a long time ago. Prompted by my then neighbor remarking something along the line of “You’re a ***damn hero to me. You’ve beat something that should have killed you.” It was something along those lines. Anyway, he meant it. I know this because this is a guy…
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Drive In Theater

A Eulogy for the Drive In Theater

The drive in theater has been irrelevant for decades now, and will only continue to be so. And really, I’m not sad about that at all.

Home Improvement

Johnny T’s Guide to Resourceful Home Improvement

Home improvement projects are a staple of spring and early summer. The last few weeks I could be found out in my yard. Turning over flower beds and replanting them, framing up the new driveway with gravel, and painting the porch columns. I’ve never been really good at home improvement or gardening projects in the…
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Five Tips for Being a Dance Dad of a Competitive Dancer

The smell of hairspray fills the hotel room as I sit here planning what to do between dances. Little Dude is already griping about having to go, and it’s going to be a long day. Solos at 7:30am but the group dances aren’t until 3pm. That’s a long time to hear “Tutus and Tennis Shoes”…
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Cancer Cells

Cancer, College, and Continuation

It was in the fall of 2012 that my life would get turned inside out and upside down by cancer. Five years later, I am a college graduate.